Five Month Plan

November 2018

As a new company it's easy to tell you who we are and what we have to offer. It's also tempting to show off a little bit with a combination of humility and humor. But it's uncommon – or maybe just harder – to show you what a company's future looks like. That's what we're doing right here, right now. So buckle up time travelers, it's a mini roadmap of things we hope to accomplish in the next five months.

First there will be donuts as a launch reward (obviously) For type in progress we have three fun things going on: 1 is a classy variable weight condensed didone. 2 is a round tech/space influenced variable font (weight/slant) that will be released by the end of 2018. 3 is a curveless blackletter-inspired variable (slant) font that we've been testing, scrapping, and redrawing for months (below 👇).

Another type-related future of ours is contributing to open-source projects, specifically for our friends at The League of Moveable Type.

You know we're shipping hats but in the near future we want patches, pins, a mug, and stickers. Basically anything other than a t-shirt.

Pangrams! Did you realize we wrote a dozen of them from scratch while putting together the specimens? We're not stopping with these fun single sentence challenges until we have 100.

We're planning at least one Friday eve & Saturday workshop in our hometown of Ithaca, New York to get people started with type design fundamentals. Undecided as to Glyphs vs Fontlab.

There are no immediate plans to release our typefaces on any other partner websites or services. MyFonts and others are included in that exclusion. It's nothing personal, and we explain a bit more about why here.

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