Progress, Updates, & Shoutouts

February 2019

Back in October we published our five month plan. We have deviated from it somewhat in the best ways possible. This quick update is to talk about the fun things we've done in addition to those other works-in-progress. We've been productive and you might not know it if you're just coming here for the first time (and if that's you, then Hello 👋).

Aside from a lot of under-the-hood updates to the site, the two biggest public changes are super exciting and noticeable. First we have the new and improved type tester. Each font page has retained their original, more stylized (and therefore limited) testing areas, but the new one we built is so much more robust that we put it right on our home page.

While the tester doesn't show you what each weight corresponds with in terms of specific style name (you get that on individual font pages), the sliders show off the variability and range of each typeface. That was always possible, but instead of using a dropdown or menu to swap between weights, now you can just slide. Also, if you wondered what our fonts looked like in colors other than white on black, now you have a few more options.

The other huge news is that we now have free trial savailable for downloading and testing. We don't even use Figma, but we played around with it to test out the version of ETC Anybody TRIAL 👇

These downloads come in TTF format only (but of every style!) with a very limited set of glyphs. You get A-Z, a-z, and 0-9. You also can't use the trial fonts in production, just testing purposes. So try before you buy, we encourage it. And remember, font purchases for commercial work qualify as a business expense (at least here in the US).

That's the Big News. We're still cranking away at new fonts (see above)! but we're also enjoying what else is happening out in the type world. Here are some recent things we love that are worth sharing:

Oh and we almost forgot, anyone can buy one of our hats now. When this batch is gone we'll roll out a new hat type/design. That's it for now, back to making stuff.