State of ETC

July 2020

This is a fun blog post to write for two big reasons.

  1. Thanks to Google Fonts (especially Dave Crossland) all of our typefaces have been liberated! What does that mean? Each one is now open source and free for all, forever.
  2. We made a new website to accommodate this big change, and it is more robust than before with better type preview tools

Getting our work on to Google Fonts is still a work in progress, but the typefaces (including variable versions) will make it there eventually. In the meantime, they are available on Github and each font page on our site is showing the latest version in webfont (woff2) form.

We haven't blogged in over a year but during that quiet time we deleted our social media profiles. However, several thousand of you have signed up for our newsletter, which is how we're going to spread the word about these huge updates. We'll blast the news out soon. It feels good to relaunch the website with no store functionality necessary. We're free. The fonts are free.

All of our work has been improved dramatically since we initially published them. Each typeface now meets the Google Fonts Plus glyph set requirements, and each one has received many aesthetic upgrades as well. We could post a bunch of images here but how about some big links to the respective font pages, yeah?

ANYBODY Epilogue Imbue Gluten Grandstander TOURNEY Trispace

Note: random home page photos are from the wonderful and sometimes weird NOAA Unsplash account.